Kelly Kraft’s ball struck a bird – ball fell into water – missed cut by one stroke!


It is not always that a “birdie” makes you happy.

Kelly Kraft realized just that in the RBC Heritage on the PGA Tour in April. Kraft made his stroke from the teeing ground at the 14. hole (par-3) in the second round (Friday) and (according to himself) it was a great shot.

But… while it was in the air, it collided with a bird, so that it (the ball!) changed direction and went into a water hazard!!

One of the other players in Kraft’s group argued, that Kraft should be allowed to replay the ball without penalty, just as you must do when the ball strikes electricity cables. But the Rules of Golf does not allow you to do that.

So: Kraft dropped out from the water hazard with a one stroke penalty, and he had to accept a double bogey for that hole… and in the end he missed the cut by one stroke…!

So this day a “birdie” was not good.

Not surprisingly it all happened Friday 13th.



PS: You can watch a video of a similar situation below:

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