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Peter Whitefords ball ended in a cup holder on a spectators chair in Made in Denmark!

Ball in spectators cup holder!

Hi all. I have been informed of a funny little situation during the recent Made in Denmark. Facts. Peter Whitefords...
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Anna Scott incurred 14 penalty strokes because she placed the ball rather than replacing it!

14 penalty strokes on seven holes!

Hi all. It does not happen every day, that you incur a penalty of 14 strokes - and not on...
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Craig Lee was disqualified for playing a wrong ball!

Craig Lee disqualified in Made in Denmark

Hi all. Craig Lee has been disqualified from Made in Denmark. Facts. Craig Lees ball was in a bunker, and he...
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De professionelle golfspillere snyder, siger Jack Munro.

The pros are cheating a lot!

Hi all! I have just read a quite shocking article today, written by an australian tour-pro (Jack Munro). He told...
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I took part in your very enjoyable rules evening at Oure last week. It was very interesting and gave me lots of food for thought.

Allan Scheller, participant in a rules evening

We had a very fine evening with a most inquisitive audience. Time just flew away.

Niels Chr. Himmelev, member of committee

Thanks for a very pleasant evening. Our members were very satisfied with your contribution and felt really involved.

Lars Elbrønd, Odense Eventyr Golf

… a damned good evening and I learned a lot!

Rene Gundersen, rules committee member