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QUIZ 37 (The Rules of Golf): Remove white stake... and replace it before stroke...penalty?

Hi all! Time for yet another Rules quiz (This is quite difficult!): -> Your ball lies (in bounds) next to...
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QUIZ 36 (The Rules of Golf): What happens if you drop from shoulder height in 2019?

Hi all! Time for another Rules quiz: -> You play a round of golf in April 2019. You deem your...
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CONTEST: Does the term "through the green" exist in 2019?

Hi all! Time again for a contest: -> Does the term "through the green" exist in the 2019 Rules of...
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CONTEST: How many times is the word "reasonable" in the 2019-Rules?

Hi all! Time for a contest: -> Exactly how many times is the word "reasonable" found in the 2019-Rules (final...
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I took part in your very enjoyable rules evening at Oure last week. It was very interesting and gave me lots of food for thought.

Allan Scheller, participant in a rules evening

We had a very fine evening with a most inquisitive audience. Time just flew away.

Niels Chr. Himmelev, member of committee

Thanks for a very pleasant evening. Our members were very satisfied with your contribution and felt really involved.

Lars Elbrønd, Odense Eventyr Golf

… a damned good evening and I learned a lot!

Rene Gundersen, rules committee member