• First Aid: The Rules of Golf
    New Rules Book in drawings published!
    A brand new book about the Rules of Golf has been published in January 2017. 88 water proof pages and 200+ fantastic drawings. Price: 20$. Buy 10/100 at a time and save 50/60 %!

Decisionsbogen om golfreglerne udgår i 2019!

Hej alle. Dette er del 2 i en artikelserie om de kommende nye golfreglerne pr. 1. januar 2019. Decisionsbogen udgår. Den...
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2019-Rules published: From 34 to 24 Rules!

Hi all! Today I have som exciting news about the Rules of Golf! Today the big "Rules of Golf Modernisation"...
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Stroke from a water hazard - further into the hazard!

Hi all. Have you tried this: Your ball is in a water hazard, but is lying (a bit) playable, and...
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Difficult Rules Quiz - February 2017.

Hi all. Now it is time for a difficult quiz about the Rules of Golf! Stroke play: "Tough Brian"'s ball...
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I took part in your very enjoyable rules evening at Oure last week. It was very interesting and gave me lots of food for thought.

Allan Scheller, participant in a rules evening

We had a very fine evening with a most inquisitive audience. Time just flew away.

Niels Chr. Himmelev, member of committee

Thanks for a very pleasant evening. Our members were very satisfied with your contribution and felt really involved.

Lars Elbrønd, Odense Eventyr Golf

… a damned good evening and I learned a lot!

Rene Gundersen, rules committee member