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Zach Johnsons one stroke penalty in Travelers Championship

Hi all. Last week Zach Johnson incurred a one stroke penalty in Travelers Championship, although he in fact did not do anything wrong. His putt on the putting green stopped overhanging the lip of the hole, and he...
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QUIZ 37 (The Rules of Golf): Remove white stake… and replace it before stroke…penalty?

Hi all! Time for yet another Rules quiz (This is quite difficult!): -> Your ball lies (in bounds) next to a white stake. You remove the stake. You are then told, that you were not allowed...
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Ball lying over a branch…over the hole…what now?!

Hi all! I thought you should see this one, which has gone viral: A players ball has ended over a branch, over the hole... whereby the branch prevents the ball from falling into the hole! What...
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