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New Local Rule saved Alex Noren from penalty!

Hi all. Alexander Noren became in September a good example of what it means, that a golf club has applied a new local rule this year. 1. What is it about? In short: As of...
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New Golf Rules Januar 1st 2017.

Rules of Golf - New Golf Rules 2017
Hi all! Once again we must to get used to new golf rules. 1. Player etc. accidentally causes ball to move. R&A and USGA has decided, that from January 1st 2017 it is possible for golf clubs to...
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14 penalty strokes on seven holes!

Anna Scott incurred 14 penalty strokes because she placed the ball rather than replacing it!
Hi all. It does not happen every day, that you incur a penalty of 14 strokes - and not on only 7 holes! But that was indeed what happened to Anna Scott from England during HLR...
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