“THE MEDIUM”: First Aid – The Rules of Golf



Pre-order it now – it will be published in April 2019.

An easy to use pocket-size book about the Rules of Golf, with great drawings – perfect for both new and established golfers.

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This is the 2019-version: Pre-order it now – will be published in April 2019.

The Rules book “First aid – the Rules of Golf” (“The Medium”) provides you with answers to those Rules situations that occur most often on the golf course.

It is alphabetical, easy to use and filled with great drawings.


  1. 102 pages in pocket size.
  2. 78 entries (“Penalty Areas”, “Unplayable” etc.)
  3. Alphabetical.
  4. Two brilliant overviews (“Penalty: 1/2 strokes?” and “2019-news”) inside cover.
  5. 300+ great drawings.
  6. Water proof pages.
  7. Great for new golfers to learn the Rules of Golf.
  8. Great for established golfers as an easy book to use on the course.

(The pictures shown above are from the old version of the book).


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