Rules School

Do you need to brush up your knowledge about The Rules of Golf… or is the wonderful world of golf just new to you? Then “Oswald’s Golf Rules School” is what you need.

What is the Rules School?
In short the Rules School is a free, interactive training course on this website that will teach you about the most common rules. The tone is always cheerful; the Rules of Golf do not have to be boring.

Please see our introduction here:

During the course there will be tests and a final exam.

How to begin.
You can begin Oswald’s Golf Rules School in one of these two ways:

  1. Go to the first grade (press here) – when you are done press “next grade”.
  2. Subscribe to our free e-mail service below (“Subscribe”). You will receive one mail a day in 29 days, each with a subject (“Provisional ball”, “Searching” etc.).

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Who can use the Rules School?
The purpose of the Rules School is to strengthen your knowledge about the Rules of Golf in an instructive manner. The Rules School can be used:

  1. By you, because you have started or are about to start your career as a beginner at the local golf club.
  2. By you, because you would like to brush up your knowledge of the rules of golf.
  3. By clubs that would like to supplement or replace the materials they use for teaching beginners.
  4. By clubs as a ‘Plan B’ when rain makes rules instruction out on the course impossible.

Rules test /Diploma.
When you have watched all the videos in the Rules School, you can sit a Rules exam. If you pass, you will receive an official diploma.

The exam/diploma is US$ 10, but clubs will receive an unlimited number of diplomas for all their beginners for an annual fee of $400.

The diploma is accompanied by a thorough explanation of all the answers which enables the individual participants to see what was right and what was wrong… and why.

This is how to get access to the exam:

  1. Send an e-mail to
  2. You will then receive an invoice.
  3. When it has been paid, you will receive the code by e-mail.
  4. When you have passed the exam, you can see and download/print the diploma, certifying that you now know the basic Rules of Golf (Level I)!

Apart from the exam/diploma the Rules School is completely free of charge. You can even have individual lessons mailed straight to your inbox (also free of charge) – see “subscribe” above..

Comments about the (Danish) Rules School.
The Oswald Academy has prepared an extremely good online training course… and will lead you through the rules from beginner to expert in record time. Students who carefully work their way through OA’s material make virtually no mistakes at the final test. 29-30 right out of 32 is just super. Those who don’t do all the exercises, make more mistakes and some of them fail the test.

Vallø Golf Club (Denmark).