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  1. See an instructional video.
  2. See a video-assignment and the answer.
  3. Solve a text assignment.

1. Instructional video

2. Video assignment

First, watch the question (video in the left tab – “assignment”- below) and then the answer (video in the right tab – “answer” – below).

3. Text assignment

Your ball lies (in bounds) under a chair. The chair is not at all heavy and is easily movable. Are you allowed to take relief without penalty under the Rule about immovable obstructions?

-> See the answer here (question 11).

For geeks

In this the “Geek-area” (!) you can read more about the subject.

There will be links to the Rules, blogs, quizzes etc.

Rule 15.2 (Movable obstructions).
Rule 16.1 (Immovable obstructions).
Definition (“Obstruction”).