1st grade: Searching Next grade

  1. See an instructional video.
  2. See a video-assignment and the answer.
  3. Solve a text assignment.

1. Instructional video

2. Video assignment

First, watch the question (video to the left) and then the answer (video to the right).

3. Text assignment

Your stroke from the teeing area heads towards heavy rough. You are fairly certain that you won’t find it and would prefer to make use of your club’s local rule (Mod-E-5) and so go directly to the fairway and drop a ball in the fairway for two penalty strokes.

Is this correct or are you obligated to search for three minutes before being allowed to proceed under this Local Rule?

-> See the answer here (question 3).

For geeks

In this the “Geek-area” (!) you can read more about the subject. There will be links to the Rules, blogs, quizzes etc.

Rule 7 (searching).
Rule 18.2 (ball lost).
Definition (“Lost”).