Personal Membership

The Oswald Academy offers a personal membership to all those who are interested in The Rules of Golf.

Member advantages.

  1. Free subscription to the Rules News which is published four times a year.
  2. Free loading of your USB key with all training materials from The Oswald Academy  (slideshows, exercises etc) – and free access to it all on Dropbox.
  3. A 15 % discount on all Oswald Academy courses, rules trips, seminars, books etc for personal use.
  4. A free newsletter which gives you all the latest information about The Rules of Golf straight into your inbox.
  5. Free answers to your rules questions (often within 24 hours).

Who can become a member?
It is our hope that all those who work with or have an interest in The Rules of Golf will benefit from a membership, whether they are new to golf or experienced golfers. Some examples:

  1. Members of rules/competition/beginners committees.
  2. Golf coaches.
  3. Members of the committee responsible for the seniors’/ladies’/men’s section.
  4. Other members of golf club committees.
  5. Elite golfers.
  6. Golf club volunteers.
  7. Local, national and international referees.
  8. Other golfers interested in The Rules of Golf.

A personal membership is $69 a year. You can cancel your membership without notice.

‘The fine print’
You become a member on the following terms:

  1. You can become a member at any time a year!
  2. When you enroll, you will be charged up front from the last day of the month you enroll and until the next March 31 (a “Membership year” is from April 1st until March 31st).
    1. Example:
      1. If you enroll on August 12th, you will up front be charged for the period September 1st to March 31st, i.e. $40.25 US.
      2. On April 1st, you will then be charged up front one year of membership ($69 US).
  3. Your membership will automatically renew until it is cancelled in writing by either the member or by The Oswald Academy.

How to become a member.
Send an e-mail to The Oswald Academy on or call +45 2925 8636 and give your:

  1. Name.
  2. Address.
  3. Home club.
  4. E-mail address.