Club Membership

Many golf clubs spend a disproportionate amount of time writing rules articles for the club magazine, answering rules questions from the members, updating and preparing rules training materials, organizing rules evenings etc. The Oswald Academy offers golf clubs a membership of the Academy which will give the club help in a number of these areas relating to The Rules of Golf.

Member advantages.

  1. 10 free copies of each edition of the Rules News.
  2. NEW: Free Golf Championship about the Rules of Golf in your club!
  3. The opportunity to have all The Oswald Academy training material copied unto your own USB key.
  4. A 15 % discount on all Oswald Academy courses, training programmes (e.g. training as a rules instructor), books, Rules folder etc
  5. Answers to all Rules questions from the members involved in Rules work – typically within 24 hours!
  6. The right to reprint articles/blogs from The Oswald Academy about The Rules of Golf in your club magazine and/or on your website.
  7. Free assistance with your own rules column on the club website and/or in the club magazine – this includes setting up a rules columns and/or preparing the content continuously.

You can also – like non-members – make the most of a number of free golf rules offers from The Oswald Academy, such as:

  1. News alerts by e-mail.

A Club Membership is $599 a year. You can cancel your membership without notice.

‘The fine print’.
You become a member on the following terms:

  1. Payment is made for a year in advance for the period 1st of April to 31st of March (when joining you only pay for the period until the next 31st of March).
  2. Your membership runs until it is cancelled in writing by either the member or by The Oswald Academy.
  3. When your membership is cancelled the amount already paid for the remainder of the period will be returned to you.

How to become a member.
Send an e-mail to The Oswald Academy on and give:

  1. Name and address of your club.
  2. (Optionally) Names and e-mail addresses of all members of your club involved in rules work.