Many golf clubs and golfers feel that it is difficult to find simple and easily understandable information about The Rules of Golf. And many golf clubs spend a disproportionate amount of time writing articles for the club magazine, answering questions from the members, updating and preparing training materials, organizing rules evenings etc. The membership is a help to all this.

Two kinds of membership.
The Oswald Academy offers two kinds of membership:

  1. A Club Membership at $599 a year.
  2. A Personal Membership at $69 a year.

Member advantages.
Your membership gives you access to a number of services relating to The Rules of Golf, e.g. a free copy of the Rules News, a discount on courses/trips/books and help to start or update your own rules column and much more. You can also – like non-members – make the most of a number of free offers, such as news alerts, exam assignments, articles and a forum, all about The Rules of Golf on Facebook etc.

If you want to join now or find out more about membership, just click on the individual items in the menu.

Contact me at or at +45 29258636 to become a member or if you have any questions.