UPDATE OCTOBER 2020: Substantial price reduction – see section 7!

The owner and CEO of The Oswald Academy Brian Nygaard Oswald offers personal tutoring for those taking:

  • The R&A Level II and III (TARS = “Tournament Administrators and Referees Seminar”) exams.
  • The USGA Referees exam.

You will get a preparation guide, study plan, deadlines, weekly updates, help with questions, an overview of available material, all his enthusiasm, exam tips… and a lot more – see below!

1) Why tutoring?

I (Brian Oswald) have taken all levels of the exam and therefore know what it takes to pass all exams. Each time I have moved up a level, I have searched for help on how to prepare for the exam – but in vain.

Many very helpfull people have given me suggestions such as to “take USGA’s quizzes” or to “learn the Definitions!” etc. But what I needed was much more:

  1. I wanted a study plan that told me what to read and when.
  2. I needed someone to answer all my questions such as:
    1. “Why wasn’t my answer in the USGA-quiz correct? – I don’t understand it“.
    2. “Can my own ball be a wrong ball?“.
    3. “Should I start with the definitions or should I use flash cards or…?“.
  3. I needed an overview of available study material – what works, and what doesn’t. More study materials would have been so helpful.
  4. I needed someone with enthusiasm to encourage me, so that I could enjoy my studies.
  5. I needed deadlines – and someone to hold me accountable if I did not meet those deadlines.
  6. I wanted some sample exams – designed like the real exam.

If you have some of these needs, my tutoring is right for you.

2) This is how my tutoring works.

First, of course, you must apply (see no. 8 (“How to apply”)). Spots are limited, but if you are awarded a spot:

  1. I will send you a preparation guide for the tutoring, typically one month before the start of our sessions.
  2. One week before the tutoring starts, I will send you a study plan.
  3. When we begin tutoring:
    1. You study for yourself in accordance with the study plan.
    2. We will evaluate your progress once a week.
    3. We will communicate primarily by e-mails. We can also use FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. and you can send me pictures/questions/videos etc.
    4. You can e-mail me whenever you have questions regarding your studying and I usually respond quickly.
    5. Your obligation is to download a quiz-app, do quizzes online, read lessons, fill out documents, and a lot more.
  4. During the weeks before the exam, I will walk you through exam techniques and we will make a specific plan for your success.

3) What do you get?

As your tutor, I will take charge of your studying process. I will guide you and help you. More specifically, I will give you…:

a) … a preparation guide and a study plan.
b) … the option to contact me and ask questions anytime.
c) … my enthusiasm! Hopefully my energy will help you study better and harder.
d) … deadlines (!)… and I will help pace you so that you reach each goal.
e) … tips and tricks for taking the exam (I have taken the exam and know the secret to success).
f) … an overview of relevant quizzes, etc.
g) … access to study material exclusively available for tutoring students: Kahoot-quizzes and practice exams.
h) … a free copy of a) the “First Aid” Rules book and b) two sets of flash cards!

4) “The Oswald method”.

I have developed “The Oswald method”, which I use when tutoring. In short, five skills are essential to do well at the exam:

  1. Learning to navigate in the Rules books. The biggest problem of the exam is not finding the correct Rule quickly. With me, you will get a lot of practice navigating the Rules books.
  2. Getting basic Rules knowledge. You will learn the basic Rules content by heart through quizzes, assignments, etc.
  3. Finding the interpretation (some exams). You will learn to find the correct interpretation in the “Official Guide to the Rules of Golf ”.
  4. Exam skills. You can be an expert in the Rules of Golf and still do poorly on the exam. I will teach you exam strategies to help you get the job done!
  5. Sample exams (some exams). You will get sample exams which makes it much easier to do well at the real exam (since you have then tried something similar before).

5) What I expect from you.

  1. You must have a decent understanding of the Rules of Golf before we start.
  2. You must be willing to put effort into the learning process.
  3. You must be motivated, and be able and willing to take the time to study.
  4. You must be willing to try new techniques (see “The Oswald 5 Skills Method”) – all with the purpose to help you pass the exam.
  5. All tutoring is in English – so you must be able to write and read fluent English.

6) Available tutoring spots.

I will only be able to accommodate 5 students per semester; that means that there will be 20 spots open per year. If you’d like to begin soon, reserve a spot now.

Below you can see the current number of available spots (a semester means that you expect to take the exam in that semester):

  • Semester 4, 2020 (October-December):    1 spot.
  • Semester 1, 2021 (January-March):             2 spots.
  • Semester 2, 2021 (April-June):                      4 spots.

(Updated October, 20th 2020).

7) Price.

The price is 500 US $ (425 for members).

The price includes all of the above in section 3 mentioned things (preparation guide, study guide, quizzes etc. – and books/flash cards of a 143$ value).

UPDATE: As of October 2020 I have reduced the price for tutoring substantially (up to 80 %). The reason is that:

  • Many people around the world have shown a great interest in the tutoring, but have been unable to afford the price of 2,500-4,000 US $.
  • I have now had so many students during recent years that I now have a lot of material ready (i.e. so I don’t have to make new material for each student). 

(NEW)  8) Tutoring for study groups.

Tutoring is also available for study groups (e.g. if you are studying 3-4 persons together for the same exam). The price depends on the number of students in the study group:






Pay for:





Example: Four persons in the study group. The price is 1,250 US $. (Normal price is 2,000 US $). 

9) How to apply.

You can apply for a spot by e-mailing me personally at bno@golfrules.com and providing me with the information below:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your background and experience with the Rules of Golf.
  3. The date and place you expect to take the exam.
  4. The time and commitment you promise to devote to this tutoring process.

I will then determine:

  1. Whether or not you are eligible to be awarded a spot.
  2.  If yes, spots will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.

10) FAQ’s.

1. Does it matter where you live?
No. The tutoring is done by e-mail primarily.

2. I don’t have the exact date for the exam yet. Can I still be a student?
Yes, although I prefer that you know the exact date (or at least the month), before I award you a spot.

11) Who is the tutor?

The tutor is Brian Nygaard Oswald, the founder and CEO of The Oswald Academy (www.golfrules.com). Brian – Master of Laws (LL. M.) and former lawyer – is one of the leading experts in the Rules of Golf in the world, and his merits includes:

  1. Working full time with the Rules of Golf since 2008.
  2. Annually conducting 75+ seminars since 2008.
  3. Three times publisher of the former “Decisions on the Rules of Golf” in Dan-
    ish allowed by the R&A.
  4. Passed Level II and Level III exams several times (scored 87 % in the first
    attempt – and most recently scored 92 % in 2015).
  5. Author of 20+ books, hereunder the bestseller “First Aid – The Rules of Golf”.
  6. Author of numerous articles on websites (e.g. GolfWRX), in magazines etc.
  7. Creator of “Oswald’s Golf Rules School” (online videos).
  8. Creator of the popular Flash Cards: “Know the Rules numbers” and “Know the

Brian is known and praised for his ability to explain the Rules of Golf in a way you can understand.

Brian is married with two children. Currently, he resides in Denmark (and has lived in New York City, previously).