Below you will find a quiz about the 2019-Rules of Golf.

It comes in two versions:

  1. Practice mode (5 questions at a time – correct answers are shown afterwards).
  2. Exam mode (All 64 questions – correct answers are shown only when you pass).

-> 1) Start practice mode.

-> 2) Start exam mode.


Please note:

  1. The quiz is ideal as a way to “learn to forget” the 2018-Rules since the quiz mainly is about situations, where the answer in 2019 differs from 2018 or where 2019 offers clarity.
  2. The quiz covers most of the basic subjects in the Rules of Golf, and is therefore ideal for you to learn the Rules.
  3. Practice mode:
    1. There are five random questions in each quiz, taken from a database of 64 questions (more will come). Therefore feel free to take the quiz several times.
    2. After each quiz you can see your result and the correct answers, including a) a thorough explanation and b) referral to relevant Rules.
    3. When you feel ready, take the exam!
  4. Exam mode: You must answer all 64 questions, and get at least 80 % correct answers to pass (and get a diploma).
  5. Members of The Oswald Academy have access to a) the quiz in a PDF-version and b) the “embed code” (so that the quiz can be placed on your clubs website!).

I wish you the best of luck with the quiz!


-> 1) Start practice mode.

-> 2) Start exam mode.