Below you will find a quiz about the 2019-Rules of Golf.

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Please note:

  • The quiz is ideal as a way to “learn to forget” the 2018-Rules (since the quiz mainly is about situations, where the answer in 2019 differs from 2018 or where 2019 offers clarity).
  • There are five questions in each quiz, taken from a database of (when it is completed this Christmas) 100 questions and answers.
  • After each quiz you can see your result and the correct answers, including an explanation and referral to relevant Rules.
  • Later, the quiz will also come in an “exam version”, where you can answer all question i one quiz, and then see if you passed.
  • Members of The Oswald Academy have access to the test in a printed/electronic version including the link and the “embed code” (so that the quiz e.g. can be placed on your clubs website).

I wish you the best of luck with the quiz!

-> Start the quiz.