Match Play ABC

For some time we (The Oswald Academy) have missed a Rules book only about Match Play… and therefore we have now decided to make one!

This winter we will publish an easy-to-read Rules book only about Match Play:

  • Approximately 60 pages.
  • Perfect for your pocket.
  • 200+ pictures from the course.
  • Easy to use.
  • Includes all the “normal” Rules.
  • Includes special Rules for match play.
  • Updated with the 2019-Rules.


The price will be 15 US $ (plus 5 $ in postage/handling fee).

There are quite a few discounts available:

Buy 1-9

Buy 10-99

Buy 100+

Normal price

15 US $

7.5 US $.

6 US $

Membership price
(15 % discount)

12.75 US $

6.37 US $

5.1 US $

You can pre-order the Match Play ABC now. Please give name/club, address and number of books to or to +45 29258636.

The books has not been made yet (!), but you can see some pictures of a similar book (in Danish) below: