It is much easier to understand something if you find it interesting and exciting. The Rules of Golf are traditionally thought of as something stuffy and terribly complicated, so making them understandable is a bit of a challenge.

The Oswald Academy has accepted the challenge and in the next few years we will publish a number of rules books – all intended to make it easier and more fun to understand and teach The Rules of Golf.

The following book has been published (January 2017):

First aid: The Rules of Golf.
Imagine if the rules book was easy to use. If it had more pages with illustrations than with text. Imagine if it was alphabetical and all was clearly explained in a few words. All this has come true in the innovative dictionary “First aid: The Rules of Golf“. 88 water proof pages with 200+ fantastic drawings. Price 20 $.

UPDATE: Will be published in a 2019-Rules-version around December 2018; you can preorder it by contacting us at or at +45 2925 8636.

First Aid: The Rules of Golf
New Rules Book in drawings published!

A brand new book about the Rules of Golf has been published in January 2017. 88 water proof pages and 200+ fantastic drawings. Price: 20$. Buy many and save 50-60 %!

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If you have a good idea about a new book, you are welcome to contact The Oswald Academy at and present your idea.