Welcome to The Oswald Academy – a world of nothing but The Rules of Golf.

The Oswald Academy was founded in Denmark in 2008 by lawyer Brian Nygaard Oswald. Since starting the academy he has worked almost full time to really get to know The Rules of Golf. In 2010 he started giving courses and seminars and the same year his first book about the Rules of Golf was published. After that things really started moving when he published the Decisions Book in Danish (Allowed by The R&A) and the book “Oswald Adventorous Rules of Golf” (for junior players). He also wrote a number of articles on Rules for different golf magazines and published his Rules News four times a year, held 10-20 rules evenings and gave courses in various golf clubs every year, wrote his free monthly newsletter… and much more.

In the autumn of 2014 The Oswald Academy also started offering slideshows, books, rules evenings etc in English.

2019 seems to be a busy and great year, where The Oswald Academy will publish three Rules Books in English, many slideshows, quizzes, online seminars, a brand new online Rules School… and a lot more.

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The motto of The Oswald Academy is simple: Learning The Rules of Golf should be fun and easy.  

About founder Brian Nygaard Oswald.
Brian Nygaard Oswald is a trained Danish Golf Union rules teacher and club referee. He is writing articles many places, e.g. at GolfWRX.

Brian Nygaard Oswald is 42 years old. He is married with two children. He loves most sports, including tennis, badminton and squash (in addition to golf, of course). Brian lives in Nyborg in Denmark, but has also lived some time in New York City.

You can contact The Oswald Academy by sending an e-mail to bno@golfrules.com or by calling +45 2925 8636.

Personal Data.
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