USGA Rules of Golf Workshops 2021

Workshops - the Rules of Golf

Recently, USGA published the program for Rules of Golf workshops in 2021.

There will be two workshops:

  1. PGA/USGA Rules Workshops which will include: Access to the Virtual Rules School, a “night school”, and a Facebook Group, etc. The fee is $375 US.
  2. Introductory Workshops which will include: 4 hours of Rules presentations on demand, and two 1-hour live webinars to ask Rules questions, etc. The fee is $100 US.

-> You can read more about the workshops here.

Registration opens November 10th 2020 at 9 AM ET.


These are great workshops. It can, however, be very difficult to complete your studies alone. I am, therefore, offering a variety of tutoring options to ensure your success at these workshops.

As your tutor, I will take complete charge of your studies and I will (in addition to my enthusiasm and support) provide you with…:

  • … a preparation guide,…
  • … a study plan…
  • … exam tips…
  • … free copies of two sets of Rules Flash Cards,…
  • … deadlines,…
  • … a free copy of the best illustrated Rules book on the marcet (“First Aid – The Rules of Golf“),…
  • … quizzes…
  • … and a lot more.

The price is only US $500 for 8-12 weeks of tutoring.

-> Read more about tutoring here.
-> Apply for tutoring at


The tutor is me, Brian Nygaard Oswald. I have taught in the Rules of Golf for 10+ years, published numerous Rules books, videos, blogs and more. I have also helped students worldwide including students from the United States, India, and France.

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