Slow play caused Klara Spilkova to miss cut (Women’s PGA)

Slow play by Spilkova

Players are not often penalized for slow play.

But according to golf. com it happened recently in “KPMG Women’s PGA Championship” where Klara Spilkova (a 25-year-old Czechoslovakian) incurred a two-stroke penalty for breach of the tournaments pace-of-play policy.

Rare penalty.

Most often, slow play has no consequences, except that it annoys fellow players, spectators, TV-viewers etc.

Here is a list of some incidents involving slow play from recent years:

  1. Bryson Dechambeau takes his time in Dubai (2019): Read the article.
  2. Article from August 2019: Read the article.
  3. J. B. Holmes took 4 minutes for a stroke (!): Read the article.

Kevin Na is well known for slow play, to say it least. Try to count the number of practice swings he takes in the video below…:

Lost (at least) US $8,000.

Without this penalty, Spilkova would have made the cut and thereby received prize money: For even last place paid $8,000 US (and for the winner $645,000).

Below, you can find an interview with Spilkova from earlier this year.



  1. Sarah says

    If your expecting me to have sympathy we these players your sadly mistaken. Slow play is infuriating for anyone else playing with them their game gets worse. The trouble with a slow player is they won’t accept that they are slow

  2. Michael Knight says

    I am a Referee at our local events and I also do the starter job as well, and when I do that I always tell the group that is waiting on the first tee that they CAN SEE the group in front and if during the round they DO NOT see the group in front then THEY know they are behind and I will penalize them when I come around during the day…………..We do not have a problem and I also , If I see a player take the full 40 secs to hit a shot I go and give them a friendly reminder about a possible penalty.
    It works for us ….cheers,…………………michael

    1. OSWALD+ACADEMY says

      Great work, Michael! So nice that you DO something – and that you talk to the players about it.

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