Update: The Oswald Academy!

Update - Oswald Academy

Hi all!

After a few years of challenges, it is time for an update about the status of The Oswald Academy.

Recent years have been both exiting, weird, extremely busy, and a lot more.

In 2018 and 2019 I was extremely busy because the 2019 changes to the Rules of Golf meant updating my books, making new videos, writing additional blogs, and conducting a number of seminars.

Finally, at the beginning of 2020 I was caught up…. but then the COVID-19 pandemic hit! Since March 2020, I have been very busy with a lot of issues both related and unrelated to The Oswald Academy.

But now I am “back” and below you can see, what you (hopefully!) can expect from me in the upcoming year or so.

  1. I am publishing two more Rules books: The Match Play book and the Pocket-ABC.
  2. I am on the road to golf clubs with my roadshow: “World Handicap System 2020-2021”.
  3. I will be entering a number of new partnerships with people and organizations worldwide to reach my goal: Making the Oswald Academy the best place to find information about the Rules of Golf in a fun and interesting way.
  4. I have started writing blogs again. “Improvements” are under the way, since I am entering these new partnerships. I have employed a few experts who are helping me write Rules blogs.
  5. I have also begun sending newsletters again, with the plan to send 1-2 each month.
  6. I will be holding three international Rules seminars, which has been my dream for a few years. Some of the titles are: “Level II”, “Level III” and a “Rules trip of a lifetime”
  7. I am also offering different tutoring options at a substantial price reduction!
  8. … and a lot more.

I am looking forward to (again) doing a lot of work within the Rules of Golf :-).

Best regards

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