Modifications to the Rules of Golf during the corona crisis

Nye golfregler - regelbogen

The corona virus is effecting most of the world these days. Still, some golf courses have decided to remain open. For this reason, we need some new guidance on how to behave on the course in these unusual times.

Therefore, The R&A has published some comments as to how the Rules of Golf can be modified temporarily for the sake of preventing further spreading of the virus.

Below are a few of the headlines:

  1. Bunkers: Although rakes on many courses have been removed, the Rules have not changed. Thus, you don’t get free relief even if your ball lies bad in an unraken bunker. The R&A encourages you to still rake, but to use your foot or an iron instead of a rake.
  2. Flagsticks: A golf club can choose to adopt a Code of Conduct or a Local Rule stating, that you are not allowed to remove the flagstick from the hole. Or, the club can choose to remove all flagsticks from the course.
  3. Scorecard: You don’t need for your marker to physically verify your score. A verbal verification of some kind is OK.

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Please read the full explanation at the R&A website.

Take care and stay safe during these difficult days!


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