LET rookie Morgane Metraux records perfect score in Rules test!

Rules test. Perfect score

It is difficult to pass a Rules test – and even more difficult to achieve a perfect score of 100 %.

But that’s exactly what Morgane Metraux of Switzerland recorded earlier this year when she took the R&A Level I exam.

Morgane Metraux is a LET (Ladies European Tour) rookie, and all rookies on LET are required to take this level I test.

According to R&A’s website, this is what she stated:

As a junior in Switzerland, we had to pass a rules exam that was very advanced to be able to play for free in other clubs. This test was hard, and we had to study the rules thoroughly before all taking it together in the same room, just like a school exam. We also had to renew it every couple of years.

I think it is a great system because knowing the rules is so important. It helps speed up play, in some cases it can be useful and help you get out of some bad situations on the course, and it prevents you from making a mistake and getting penalised for it.

Only 6 % of those taking the test get the perfect score.


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