Korean golfer suspended one year for finger gesture

Bio Kim suspended due to offering middle finger

A player (Bio Kim) on the Korean Tour (KPGA) has been suspended for one year.

This is the reason:

Allegedly it was a spectator taking a picture with his/her mobile phone in the middle of Kim’s swing that caused Kim to flash his middlefinger at the crowd/spectator.

Initially the penalty was three years but was later reduced to one year.

-> See the Rules School Grade about good player conduct.

This might seem like a harsh penalty – and is it effective in changing the players’ behavior (also on the European Tour and the PGA Tour)?

We probably all remember e.g. Sergio Garcia who slammed a club into (and damaged) several putting greens one year ago, causing him to be disqualified, but without suspension for even one day. And you can read about many more similar incidents (with no suspension) here.

And Bio Kim’s reaction to the suspension? He knelt down and begged with tears in his eyes for forgiveness:

Garcia would most likely not do that…



-> By the way I can recommend that you read this interesting article about the incident.

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