CONTEST: Can you guess how many books are in the box!

CONTEST: First Aid books in a box!!

Hi all.

It’s time again for a contest!

Look at the three pictures below:

-> Can you guess how many copies of the book are in the box?

(Don’t include the book you see lying outside the box. All three pictures below are of the same box – so you should only guess the number of copies in one box!).

One lucky winner will receive a free copy of the book shown (“First Aid about the Rules of Golf” – $25 value).

Send me your answer by filling in the comment section below no later than February 17th 2020!

/Brian Oswald

First Aid Book contest
First Aid Book contest


  1. Vivi Biermann says

    75 golfrules in the box

  2. Beth Turner says

    I’d say 36.

  3. BJ Raven says

    I think 30.

  4. Steven says


  5. Neal McCrea says

    Looking at 29 I think. Depends on how much packaging underneath the books!

    1. Sue says

      71 books

  6. Carla says


  7. Pat says

    The box contains 42 copies.

  8. Danny says

    I guess that there are 29 books in the box in the picture NOT counting the one outside the box.

    1. Zafar Mehmood says

      I think the box has 24 books

  9. Owen says


    1. Owen says

      Actually 35

  10. Clyde B Rowells says


  11. Bruce Campbell says

    There are 29

  12. Neil Graf says

    Neil says 29

    1. Karl Kurz says

      35 books

  13. Gram says

    I guess 72 books

  14. Kim Smaha says

    39 books

  15. Gary Roach says

    59 books

    1. Ben Boxer says

      38 books

  16. Glenn Malone says


  17. Susan Gill says

    26 books

  18. peter lessels says

    35 sounds right

  19. Don Smith says


  20. Don says


  21. Mike Hrynkiw says


  22. Karl says


  23. tommy sipka says


  24. Nigel Smyly says


  25. Kevin says

    33 in the box

  26. Debbie Needham says

    I think the box holds 21 books

  27. Warren Boyle says

    I think 29

  28. Bob Burt says

    17 IN THE BOX

  29. Erica says


  30. terry commane says

    16 in the box

  31. Don Dayton says

    Don says 4

  32. John Wallbank says


  33. Mason Dirickson says


  34. Robert Scearce says


  35. John says


  36. Peter Thomsen says

    My guess: 72

  37. Miguel Franco says


  38. Yelverton+Tegner says

    21 books

  39. Katbea says

    24 books in box

  40. Alice McCarley says


  41. Lizzie Haigh says

    14…. there are most definitely 14 books in the box

  42. Matt LaChance says

    42 books.

  43. Paul Byrne says

    Paul Byrne Says

    35 books.

  44. G Kelly says

    24 books

  45. Oswald Academy says

    Hi all!

    The correct answer is: 42!

    I am very impressed: Two of you guessed that exact number! After having drawn lots, the winner is:

    Matt LaChance!

    Matt please e-mail me your address, and I will send you your free copy of the First aid Rules Book!

    Stay safe everybody.

    Brian Nygaard Oswald

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