Tiger Woods’ ball was in the hole… but bounced back up again!

Tiger Woods' ball in the hole

Last week, Tiger Woods played the 2020 Farmers Insurance Open on legendary Torrey Pines.

At the second hole Sunday, he made this wonderful stroke:

Wow! Tiger’s ball was in the hole, then mysteriously bounced up and out!

Unfortunately, the ball is not considered to be holed in this situation. The definition of “Holed” states, that a ball is holed when it…:

…is at rest in the hole after a stroke and the entire ball is below the surface of the putting green.”.

Interpretation 2 to this definition explains it in more detail:

The words “at rest” in the definition of “holed” are used to make it clear that if a ball falls into the hole and bounces out, it is not holed.

Tiger’s ball was not at rest, and therefore it was not holed.

In his next stroke, Tiger holed out for a birdie. Still, it is understandable that someone wrote this on Twitter:



-> FLASH-BACK: Do you remember Tiger almost running out of balls?

  1. Bob+Lawrence says

    The entire ball below the surface of the putting green ????? Not following the 2019 rules update.

    1. Daniel Murray says

      The ball is classed as having been holed if part of the ball is below the lip according to new Rule 13 in my opinion.

    2. Steven says

      Note that 13.2c only applies in the situation when the ball is resting against the flagstick that is left in the hole. Other than this situation, the ball is holed only when all of it is at rest in the hole and the entire ball is below the surface of the putting green. (See Definition of ‘holed’)

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