New Flash Cards about the Rules of Golf!

Flash cards the Rules of Golf

Recently, I have published two kinds/sets of flash cards about the Rules of Golf:

  1. Rules numbers.
  2. Definitions.

Using flash cards is an excellent way to learn the Rules of Golf:

  1. Perfect, if you are studying for a USGA/R&A Rules exam.
  2. Perfect, if you simply want to improve your knowledge to the Rules.

Knowing the Rules numbers and the definitions is a great help when applying the Rules of Golf.

The Oswald cards are of high quality, with warm colors and in a professional layout (please find a few examples below).

You can buy the flash cards online from our shop or by sending us an e-mail (

The price is $49 US (Rules numbers) and $69 US (definitions) plus $14 for postage/handling. The cards are available for any destination worldwide.



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