Did Jesper Parnevik incur a two-stroke penalty for not taking a Mulligan?

Jesper Parnevik failed to take a Mulligan?

Jesper Parnevik was penalized two strokes in October’s Champions Tour SAS Championship.

1) Facts.

This is what happened:

  1. Parnevik had a short putt for a bogey.
  2. The putt horse-shoed around the hole… and hit his foot.
  3. Parnevik played the ball as it lay and holed out (for what he thought was a double-bogey).

2) The Rules of Golf.

Oops. That was wrong.

The Rules of Golf (Rule 11.1b, Exception 2) states this:

When Ball Played from Putting Green Accidentally Hits Any Person, Animal or Movable Obstruction (Including Another Ball in Motion) on Putting Green:

The stroke does not count and the original ball or another ball must be replaced on its original spot

Thus, Parnevik played from a wrong place and incurred a two-stroke penalty (Rule 14.7).

The (horse-shoeing) stroke did not count and therefore he got at triple-bogey (assuming that he did not gain a significant advantage, which is not clear from the coverage – in that case he should have corrected the error before playing from the next teeing area to avoid disqualification).

3) Mulligan?

The whole situation led some writers to conclude this (quote AussieGolf. com .au):

Remarkably this means there is a way to take a mulligan within the rules of golf.

Do you think it is fair to describe this as a Mulligan? I am in doubt – let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

4) Mickelson struck himself!

By the way, I found this video of Phil Mickelson, where he – like Parnevik – struck himself, although in a very different situation:

At that time Mickelson was penalized (for striking himself). Under the current Rules of Golf there will be no penalty in a situation like that (no penalty for striking yourself and no penalty for accidentally moving another ball out from the bushes).


  1. deezee says

    On the green, no penalty and just replace the ball, but what about Phil’s situation under the new rules…wouldn’t it be no penalty, and play the ball as it lies??

  2. Solomon says

    The snaffu did not decide the event; Parnevik finished 22 strokes behind winner Jerry Kelly. That it happened away from the PGA Tour spotlight also buries its frequency. Nevertheless, the already-high bar for rules run-ins has been raised. We can only pray the next affair involves an illegal driver, pace of play and the Goodyear Blimp. The list of the top career money winners in every current PGA Tour event is more bizarre than you’d think – Golf Digest

  3. Anonymous says


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