Tour caddie shot 202: Wanted to post highest score ever?!

Have you ever had the thought when playing bad, that you wanted to try and post the highest score on one round ever?

Hopefully not. But that is maybe what happened recently.

In July tour caddie (and amateur player) Trey Bilardello played a qualification for U.S. Amateur and shot 202! In one round!

They first registered it as 194, but corrected it to 202 – due to the fact that their system had had difficulties with registering scores over 19 for a hole!!

Such a high score sounds unrealistic. Especially having in mind that the maximum handicap allowed for playing in that qualifier was 2.2.

And maybe there was a “good” explanation: Shortly after, quite a few medias announced, that the reason for this extremely high score was, that Bilardello after a bad start had tried to post the highest score ever recorded in history e.g. by putting away from the hole!

You can see the scorecard above (with the incorrect score – 194).

Shortly after the round he was disqualified, and according to GolfDigest this is what was announced:

The Florida State Golf Association, after consulting with the United States Golf Association, has disqualified Trey Bilardello under Rule 1.2 for serious misconduct and failing to play in the spirit of the game.

In other words: He was disqualified for a serious breach of player conduct.

Subsequently Bilardello denied that he tried to get a score as high as possible, explaining that he incurred four penalty strokes (maybe more according to him?) for having too many clubs and that he just had had some bad shots. And he stated that he gave 100 percent.

According to Golf. com he has been suspended indefinitely from all USGA championships and qualifiers, but he is planning to appeal that.


PS: See this video from the Oswald Rules School about good player conduct.

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