Rules Quiz September 2019 I: About stakes.

Time for yet another Rules quiz: “Rules Quiz September 2019 I”!

This time it is about removing stakes.

Please answer the questions in the comment section (“Leave a Replay”) below.


  1. Are you allowed to remove a red stake before playing?
  2. Are you allowed to remove a white (out of bounds) stake before playing?
  3. Are you allowed to remove a white (ground under repair) stake before playing?

Tip: See this video from The Oswald Golf Rules School and this video.


Answer no later than September 28th to join the draw for the book!

Among those (if any!) with all three questions answered correctly, we will draw lots about a copy of the First Aid book.


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  1. Jo Baldwin says

    1. Yes
    2. No ( If you remove them they may be replaced before play with no penalty._
    3. Yes

  2. Olav Maaland says

    Red stakes Yes
    OB stakes No
    GUR Yes

  3. Bunny Johnson says

    Yes, it’s permissible to remove red stakes (which are movable obstructions) before playing , but you need to replace them.

    No, you may NOT remove white boundary stakes.

    Yes, you may remove white stakes (which are movable obstructions) marking GUR but you need to replace them.


    1. Red stakes : Yes (You have to replace the Red Stake after making a Stroke and in this case the Ball in play must be outside the Penalty Area)

    2. White (Out of Bounds) Stakes : No

    3. White (Ground Under Repair) Stake : Yes (You have to replace the Stake indicating GUR after making a Stroke

  5. Mary says


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