Club Championship in the Rules of Golf – for free

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As something completely new we now offer golf clubs to help them conducting an annual club championship in the Rules of Golf!

The offer is for club members of the Oswald Academy only.

Promote the Rules of Golf.

A club championship is an excellent way to promote the Rules of Golf and to make people interested in them. Trust me, people get very involved in this championship and there will be a lot of discussions and questions!

How does it work?

Please find below a few comments about how it works out:

  1. There is no charge at all.
  2. We (The Oswald Academy) are making the quiz (two preliminary rounds and a final championship).
  3. They use their mobile phone – the quiz is in the (free) app “Kahoot”.
  4. The quicker they answer, the more points they get!
  5. The Club simply announce the Championship to the members.
  6. It is very simple for the members: We send them a PIN code which they type in the app… and then they are started!
  7. The winner (The Golf Club Rules Champion of the Year) will be announced – which e.g. could be done the same day as the regular Club Champions are announced.

Please contact us at if you want us to arrange such a Club Championship and/or if your golf club would apply for a Club Membership of The Oswald Academy.

Club Membership.

A Club Membership comes with a lot of benefits such as discounted books, discounted seminars, free answering service (typically within 24 hours), access to a lot of teaching material (slideshows, quizzes, pictures etc.) free A2 poster etc.

-> Read more about Club Membership.

The price is only 599 US $ a year.


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