Wrong ball: David Duval makes 14 (+9) in The Open!

Playing a wrong ball was just a part of what David Duval called an “god-awful nightmare” at hole 7 during the first round of the recent The Open Championship… where he made a 14!


This is how you get a “14” on your scorecard:

  1. Duval played from the teeing area into the rough. He did not find the ball.
  2. He played again (third stroke) from the teeing area. Again into the rough and again he did not find it.
  3. Fifth stroke from the teeing area: Again towards the rough.
  4. He found a ball and played it. Unfortunately it turned out to be a wrong ball, and thus he incurred a two-stroke penalty (Rule 6.3c).
  5. He searched for the (right) ball in the rough but in vain (ball lost = a one stroke penalty).
  6. Back to the teeing area playing his eight (!) stroke.
  7. From there on he used six strokes.
  8. Hence, a 14!

About Duval.

Duval is a former champion of The Open (2001) but obviously is not playing that well anymore. Despite birdies on the first two holes Thursday, he scored 91. And after 78 Friday he of course missed the cut.

Wrong ball.

You can learn what the Rules of Golf say about playing a wrong ball in this video from “Oswald’s Golf Rules School”.



  1. Christina Munro says

    I believe duval’s score for the hole was 15 … he was 9 off the tee with his 5th ball.

    1. John O'Donnell says

      See below he played 9 off the Tee and finished with a 14. Hole was par 5 and he parred it with his last ball

  2. John O'Donnell says

    Lost first ball 3 off the tee. Lost second ball 5 off the tee. Played wrong ball 2 shot penalty now has played 7. Lost third ball 9 off the tee parred hole (par 5) with last ball played off the tee for a 14

  3. Stephen Wise says

    Yes, Duval must be 9 off the tee with his final tee shot.

  4. Michelle says

    I agree. He scored 15

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