Bad player conduct in The Open: Garcia and Stenson

Good (or rather bad!) player conduct is once again in the headlines.

During The Open Championship in July there were quite a few incidents.

Episode 1: Garcia throwing club.

Sergio Garcia is known for his bad player conduct. You might remember him being disqualified earlier this year when damaging many putting greens intentionally with a club. Back then he said that it would never happen again. But of course it would (and will):

As you can see, he carelessly threw his driver to his caddie, without even looking at him.

Episode 2: Stenson broke iron.

Sunday at the 17th hole, Henrik Stenson made a shank, which he was not too happy about:

As you can see he broke the iron over his leg.

Episode 3: Not yelling “Fore”.

During the second round, Kyle Stanley’s ball struck a person in two incidents – and according to his playing partner he did not yell “Fore” any of these two times. Stanley did not show remorse at all since he did not agree, that he had done anything wrong. He argued among other things that other people immediately yelled “Fore”, and thus he did not feel a need to.

-> Read about the episode her (Golf Digest).


Personally I think they should penalize such bad behavior more often. The players are role models and should not throw with clubs, break clubs, not yell “Fore” etc. Under the Rules of Golf they can be disqualified in case of a serious breach.

If you want to see a video about what good player conduct is, please see this video from The Oswald Rules School.


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