Pablo Larrazabal: Worst lie ever (Made in Denmark)?!

Hi all!

Yesterday Pablo Larrazabal had a bad lie in Made in Denmark. And with “bad” I mean really bad!

Take a look at it here:

As you can same he only succeed in moving the ball a few inches in the stroke. The next stroke was really great, though, and he got the ball on the putting green… but after that he used two putts to hole out.

Maybe he should have considered instead to proceed under the unplayable ball rule with a one stroke penalty and drop a ball in the bunker using either the “back-on-the-line” relief option or the “lateral” relief option.

After this incident Larrazabal was in par for the day, but he had three birdies after that and thereby ended with a 68 (-3). Today he scored 71 (par) and ties 11th place.

Matthias Schwab is in the lead in -8.


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  1. Colin MacGillivray says

    Bunkers should be completely omitted from the Rules of Golf. They should just be a normal part of the course exactly like “waste areas” or sandy parts of fairways. This obvious rule change would simplify the rules and speed up play.

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