Great example of good player conduct by Brooks Koepka in PGA Championship

Hi all.

There is a section in the Rules of Golf about player conduct (Rule 1.2a), stating (among other things) that you should take good care of the course and show consideration to others.

Last week in PGA Championship, Brooks Koepka showed us what it is all about.

During Sundays round – where he was in the lead and thus had plenty on his mind – his playing partner Harold Varner III played his ball into the woods on the fourth hole. Koepka could have done nothing – there is no obligation to help your playing partner searching. But he did exactly that – went out and helped searching.

It should be a natural thing to do, but many players don’t…. and it would of course be understandable, if Koepka instead had concentrated only on his own game, being in the hunt for winning a major! But he helped searching, and I guess that that is what it is all about:

We can all come up with a million excuses for not showing good player conduct, but none of these are really great excuses.

By the way Koepka won.

You can see a video about player conduct from our Rules School on this link.


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