Are you allowed to “tomahawk” a club into the sand in a bunker?

Hi all.

I just read this post from the Rules guy (, and thought you might want to read it.

As far as I know, very few clubs have such a Local Rule (mentioned by the Rules Guy) in operation concerning player conduct, under which a player can be penalized e.g. one or two penalty strokes for bad conduct. Feel free to write in the comment section if your club has this sanction or if you wish it did!

Personally, I think clubs should have such a Local Rule in place (please find more information about it here), whereby bad behavior may be penalized under the Rules of Golf.

By the way, please keep in mind, that you can be disqualified for serious misconduct (no matter if there is the above mentioned Local Rule or not), which we saw earlier this year when Garcia was disqualified in Saudi Arabia for intentionally damaging several putting greens.

For more information about the subject, you can see these two videos in our newly published Rules School:

  1. Bunkers (what is allowed – and what is not).
  2. Player conduct.


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