Luckiest eagle in 2019 at LPGA Lotte Championship to Angel Yin.

HI all.

Sometimes you are lucky on the golf course. Angel Yin indeed was very lucky in the Lotte Championship at the LPGA last week:

It is not clear from the video, whose ball it was that rolled in the hole… but it was in fact Angel Yins ball. Had it not been deflected by the ball on the putting green, it would have ended far away from the hole.

The Rules of Golf are simple: No penalty to anyone, and the other ball had to be replaced (Rule 9.6), but Angel Lin’s ball was to be played from where it lay (Rule 11.1) , i.e. it was holed out (in two strokes – an eagle)!

So when you sometimes feel unlucky at the golf course, be aware that you also CAN be lucky :-).

By the way: The comment in the tweet “Backstopping is getting out of control” is of course sarcastic – read about the backstopping-thing here.


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