Rickie Fowlers unlucky triple bogey in Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Hi all.

Sometimes you just get an unlucky break.

Rickie Fowler did exactly that Sunday in Waste Management Phoenix Open at the 11th hole, where he had a triple bogey.

Fowlers third stroke ended in the water (penalty area), and he then took relief with a one stroke penalty under the penalty area Rule. He then walked a bit away… but shortly after the ball (which had been at rest until then) began rolling… and rolled into the water!

Unfortunately the Rules of Golf decides that he only had the option to either play the ball as it lay or to proceed under the penalty area Rule (again!) with a one stroke penalty. He proceeded under the penalty area Rule and therefore now had to make his sixth stroke.

He managed to come up and down, but still his score was 7 (triple bogey).

You can see (most of) the episode here:

Before beginning play of this hole, he had a five stroke lead, but after the hole it was only one (Branden Grace had a birdie)!

Despite this, Fowler kept cool and eventually won the tournament with a two strokes lead – indeed a great achievement.


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  1. Dagbone says

    Fowler also had the option initially to take “stroke-and-distance” penalty relief under new Rule 17.1d(1):

    If a player’s ball is in a penalty area, including when it is known or virtually certain to be in a penalty area even though not found, the player has these relief options, each for one penalty stroke:

    (1) Stroke-and-Distance Relief. The player may play the original ball or another ball from where the previous stroke was made.

    Had Fowler taken advantage of this option, instead of initially taking relief under the Lateral Relief option, he could have avoided the incident entirely. So, the best lesson from this incident is to always take relief in the most favorable position afforded to the player under the Rules, which is NOT automatically the Lateral Relief option.

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