Bryson Dechambeau: Bad conduct in WGC Mexico

Hi all.

Sergio Garcia was disqualified recently in Saudi Arabia for a serious misconduct.

Bryson DeChambeau showed kind of the same behavior in the recent WGC-Mexico:

As you can see he slammed his putter into a practice putting green.

Subsequently he issued an apology on Twitter:

Not impressive in my opinion. “I am an extremely passionate player”: What does he mean by that? That if you are very passionate it is OK to do such things?

By the way it is not the first time he has done things like that:

I hope he was fined, and that he won’t show such a behaviour again. But he probably will.


  1. Greg Galardy says

    That’s not passion son, that’s not being in control of your emotions. I’m embarrassed for you.

    1. David says

      I Totally AGREE!

  2. Katherine M says

    It’s on the putting green!!! So he’s having a fit for a bad practice!!
    A temper tantrum is a temper tantrum — Embarrassing and inexcusable.

  3. Derek says

    Some Pros think they are above rules and give the Wrong message
    They deserve Heavy Penalties Banded for 3 months comps

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