Rules “drama”: Denny McCarthy penalized Friday – penalty rescinded Saturday!

Hi all!

The “drama” about the new Rule, that forbids a caddie deliberately to stand e.g. behind the player, when he is beginning to take his stance (see the exact wording in Rule 10.2b(4)), continues after the Li Haotong-episode.

Thus, Denny McCarthy yesterday (Friday) incurred two penalty strokes in Waste Management Phoenix Open in this situation:

But Saturday the PGA Tour released this statement, where they rescinded the penalty: 

It seems like The R&A and USGA will take a look at this Rule,since there is uncertainty regarding a) what exactly is meant by the caddie “deliberately” standing there and b) exactly when the player is considered to begin to take his stance.

Below are two situations, which was caught on video, where the players were not penalized, but where they (maybe!) should have been:

  1. Look at this link
  2. See this video: 

Interesting what will happen now!


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