R&A and USGA in annual Driving Distance Report: Courses should not continue to get longer.

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The R&A and USGA have January 29th 2019 published their annual “Driving Distance Report for 2018”.

In the report you can find a lot of statistics about the length of the strokes – e.g. that the average drive on all tours combined was 1,7 yards longer in 2018 than in 2017.

According to TodaysGolfer the report also states this about The R&A’s/USGAs thoughts about and wishes for the future:

  1. The courses should not continue to get longer. It would be expensive, not good for the environment and would cause (even) slower play.
  2. There will not be different equipment Rules for professional players – they will play under the same equipment Rules as amateurs.
  3. There are no plans to change the Rules surrounding the golf balls (e.g. to make them fly a shorter distance).
  4. The average drive on the PGA Tour has increased 10 yards in 15 years: From approximately 277 yards in 2003 to approximately 287 yards in 2018.

You can read the full report here.


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  1. Giles Hinchcliffe says

    Well, you have really grasped the nettle there gentlemen. Four points and no action. How many lunches and expensive trips did it take to come up with that conclusion. It is good to know the game we love is in such safe and forward thinking hands.

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