Slow play by Bryson DeChambeau in Dubai – OK?

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HI all.

Once again slow play is in focus after Bryson DeChambeau’s play in the recent Omega Dubai Desert Classic.

See a video about one of his strokes (and preparations for it) here:

What do you think – is it too slow?

According to GolfDigest’s website, DeChambeau did not think it was a problem:

– It’s actually quite impressive that we’re able to get all that stuff done in 45 seconds; people don’t realize that it’s very difficult to do everything we do in 45 seconds… I think that anybody that has an issue with it, I understand, but we’re playing for our livelihoods out here, and this is what we want to do…

Another professional player, Broeks Koepka, had quite another opinion:

– I just don’t understand how it takes a minute and 20 seconds… to hit a golf ball; it’s not that hard…. It’s always between two clubs…It really drives me nuts especially when it’s a long hitter because you know you’ve got two other guys or at least one guy that’s hitting before you so you can do all your calculations… 

Not many have been penalized recently, with Corey Pavin as one of few exceptions:

What do you think? Is it OK that some professional players are slow, because they play for a living? Or should they speed up?

Or should slow play be penalized more often/harder/more?


  1. David James Davison says

    They should be punished every time unless there are mitigating circumstances.
    DeChambeu is lying or kidding him self if he thinks he only takes 45 seconds.
    If all players took the time he does we would be looking at rounds taking 7/8 hours.

  2. Al Loveless says

    Penalize and fine him!!!! Rediculous….

  3. Brian Nesbitt says

    Slow play should be penalised every time. If the tour referees imposed the penalties the problem would be solved in one week. Spineless officials do nothing for golf. It is now in the Rules that normally a stroke should be made within 40 seconds. Get a grip!

  4. Dave McIlwaine says

    Should be penalized more often, this is one of the biggest problems for rules officials, nobody wants to give a penalty for slow play [ committee ] but then some players complain of slow play and jump all over the officials for saying something or not saying something…. can’t win !!!! As an official , you give me no teeth and I won’t bite…play on….

  5. Terry B says

    Make speed of play a rule and have a mandatory 2 shot penalty if any player takes more than 40 seconds to complete a stroke once a) its their turn to play and B) it is safe to do so.

    We’ve all got stuck behind the 4 ball who all check every yardage, take an age to pick a club, needs 3 re grips and 5 practise swings BEFORE EVEN ADDRESSING THE BALL.

    It’s not the fault of club committees, who are no doubt scared of being sued by a “golf sloth” member claiming defermation of character – it’s the fault of the R and A who won’t make a specific rule!

  6. Juri Brown says

    How can the game of golf improve at club level when pro golfers are snubbing the Rules Of Golf?

    Many people complain at the length of time it takes to complete a round, 40 seconds means 40 seconds yes or no?

  7. Dagbone says

    The USGA and R&A allow tournament directors (the “Committee”) to impose pace of play restrictions if they consider them to be valuable under Committee Procedures, Section 8, Model Local Rule K-2: Penalties for breach of these restrictions range from 1 penalty stroke for the first breach to disqualification for the third breach.

    So the real question is whether these guidelines should be extended to the entire “world of golf” rather than be limited the optional use of a “Local Rule”. In my opinion, Local Rule is the better choice, because regulating pace of play in anything other than an elite-level amateur or professional tournament would be completely unworkable.

  8. Tony says

    Slow play is golf’s terminal cancer, robbing the game of fun. My club is pathetic and only writes policies with no consequences to the selfish players who think the course belongs to them.

    Time for a much more determined approach to both club and professional players.

    Marshals and consequences are ESSENTIAL.

  9. Don Nowill says

    If the caddies were allowed to use range finders, it would help pace of play.

  10. Ben says

    Just makes it soooo boring to watch
    thank god for the ffwd button!
    40 secs + = penalty

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