Putting: Don’t do this!


I just wanted to show you this video about a player from the PGA Tour, showing what you should not do:

As you can see, he tried to putt the ball into the hole holding the putter with only one hand, but he almost didn’t strike the ball. Nonetheless the stroke counts, since he had an intention (see the Definition of a “Stroke”).

Therefore he made three strokes during the video.

Thus: Be careful when putting these short putts!


  1. Lawrie says

    Of course the stroke counts, he actually clearly strikes the ball three times.
    The second putt was lazy, and he left a really short putt still short.
    Not sure what the point of this story is, it’s not like he made a stroke at the ball and missed it entirely (which would be counted as a stroke under the rules).

  2. Tony Sayer says

    I’ve done that when my putt from a long way went round the cup and came back towards me. Cup edge was soft and it bounced on.

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