R&A and USGA issues Clarifications to the 2019-Rules of Golf

Hi all.

R&A and USGA recently issued some “Clarifications” to the 2019-Rules of Golf.

These “Clarifications” covers different aspects, such as:

  • Status of a players tee.
  • Clarifications about embedded ball.
  • When a caddie is allowed to lift the ball.
  • Meaning of “Club-Length”.
  • Model Local Rules.

Most of the Clarifications will probably not influence many players.

You can read the full Clarification sheet here (downloads a PDF-file).

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  1. Bob Wynne says

    Read the clarifications have made an appointment with my legal council and am having a large coffee to restore my equilibrium.

  2. Alan Thompson says

    Could not agree more. What “gobbledegook”. Do these guys not normally speak English?

  3. Mike Halliday says

    I hit my ball off tee, my second shot goes into bush, lost, i go to edge of fairway where i think ball entered,
    and hit another ball,. how many shots have i then played.

    1. Ole Haag says

      Always add 2 (penalty) strokes to the number of strokes used before dropping after Local Rule E-5 – which I believe you refer to – in this case 4.

    2. Mike Jacobs says

      This proposed 2019 Rule ‘Alternative to Stroke and Distance’ has caused more problems at our Club than all the other changes together!

      Players MUST be aware whether if this Local Rule is published and enforced at their own club. Some have and some haven’t!

      If it’s not a Local Rule adopted by your club you may NOT take this form of relief but must accept the ‘stroke and distance’ penalty.

      Even when this Local Rule is in operation there are some occassions when it is not applied, for example
      (CONGU) Handicap Qualifying medal/stroke play events.
      Most County Events
      Many Clubs’ Open Day Competitions ………………..etc

      Can of worms?

      If in doubt you can’t be penalised for taking a ‘stroke & distance’ penalty for a lost ball PLUS if you played a provisional ball you may NOT take ‘alternative stroke and distabce’ relief even if the Local Rule allows it!

      Hope this clarifies a difficult situation!


    3. Lynne says

      5 if there is a local Rule allowing the drop on the fIrway.

  4. Pete R says

    What nonsense. No clarification at all. Learn plain speak!

  5. Pete R says

    The PDF that is!

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