Dustin Johnson incurred the first 2019 Rules of Golf penalty on the PGA Tour.

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Dustin Johnson was the first player to get penalized under the 2019-Rules of Golf.

Johnson played Sentry Tournament of Champions and on the fourth hole in the second round he played a ball from a native area, which he assumed was his. But is was not:

– Obviously it was my fault. The marshal had it marked, said it went in the hazard right there, and there was a ball right there and it was a TaylorMade. I could see the logo on the side, so I obviously just assumed it was mine, he stated according to PGA Tour.com.

Rule 6.3c(1) states that he incurred the “General Penalty” (for playing a wrong ball), which in stroke play is two penalty strokes. The stroke did not count, and he had to correct his error. Subsequently he found his own ball, and finished the hole, but had to post at double bogey 6, on his way to a 1-over 74.

Of course Dustin Johnson should have identified his ball before he played it (which by the way in 2019 not anymore needs to be announced to e.g. the fellow player), and he knew that:

That won’t ever happen again. I can promise you that. It’s just bad luck, he stated according to PGA Tour.com.


  1. Shelly Guyer says

    Brian, I disagree with you categorizing this under the new rules of golf. The rule for identifying your ball in a penalty area (water hazard) has been in effect for at least 2 years. This was not a rule change.

  2. Brian Oswald says

    Thanks, Shelly! I really appreciate your comment! Well the category “New 2019-Rules” has been used for things, that the 2019-Rules state – not only for things that would be changed. But I think that I will delete this category now where there is only one set of rules (and not – as the last almost 2 years – one more soon to come).
    All the best,
    Brian Oswald

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