News about the “2019-Guidelines-book”.

Hi all.

As you probably know, USGA/The R&A are publishing three different books about the 2019-Rules of Golf:

  1. The Rules Book itself.
  2. A guide to understanding the Rules Book.
  3. A “players edition” of the Rules Book.

Not much has been revealed about no. 2 (The Guidelines-book), but now I have a bit of news.

On Amazon’s website it is thus now possible to pre-order the Guidelines-book, and on the site you can learn that…:

  1. … it will cost 20 pounds.
  2. … it will be available November 1st.
  3. … it will be 538 pages.
  4. … it will include rules for players with disabilities and guidelines for Committees.

Earlier this year The R&A/USGA announced that it would be published in September, so therefore it looks like it might be a bit delayed.

About the content it is assumed by many, that the “Guidelines-book” will replace the “Decisinosbook (which will no longer be published in 2019), i.e. that it will be much the same. Also this seems to be somewhat true. The Decisionsbook thus was app. 660 pages and The R&A/USGA earlier announced that some of the Decisions would be incorporated into the Rules book itself – therefore the number (538 pages) seems to match. The Guidelines-book though will not have a “question and answer”-format like the Decisionsbook, but probably just an explanatory text.

No. 1 on the list in the top (the Rules Book) was by the way published digitally in March 2018, whereas no. 3 (the Players Edition) has not yet been published (except from a draft rule).

All material (1,2 and 3) should be published in September, but as stated above we have to see, if it maybe will be a bit late.


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