Mickey Demorat incurred two penalty strokes on his Birthday in U. S. Open.

Hi all.

Apparently it is not too good to play U. S. Open on your Birthday.

Phil Mickelson recently “celebrated” his 48-years Birthday with two penalty strokes and a lot of criticism after having made a stroke to his ball in motion.

Mickey DeMorat similarly celebrated his Birthday (23 year!) in his pro debut by firing a great 72 (+2) in the first round on the very difficult Shinnecock Hills.

It could have been even better, though, since DeMorat at the 14th hole made a stroke from the rough to a ball which was not his, and therefore incurred a two stroke penalty for playing a wrong ball.

This illustrates the importance of always checking whether a ball is your ball before playing it. If you are just a bit in doubt, you are allowed to mark and lift it and examine it (remember to inform e.g. your fellow player in advance).

DeMorat tied 56th, but would have tied 45th without the two penalty strokes.

Below you can see a video, where he explains how it was to play his first U. S. Open.


  1. ell says

    I thought under the new golf rules that you don’t need to inform your fellow players to identify your golf ball. so as to speed up play.

    1. Owen says

      You are correct. It is not necessary to advise anyone before Marking, Lifting and Identifying your/a ball.
      You may not clean the ball.

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