Rules Evenings about the 2019-Rules of Golf in your club?

Hi all.

I (Brian Oswald) am conducting many Rules evenings about the 2019 Rules of Golf in different locations around the world, starting now and continuing through next year.

In order to make it easier for me to visit as many clubs as is possible, I try to locate in different regions for a few weeks at a time. This minimises the cost for Clubs, as they can share the cost of my travel to and from their country/region.

Below you can see some of the areas, where I am planning to visit:

  • November/December: United Kingdom.
  • December: Australia (primarily East).
  • January: USA (primarily East).
  • February: Denmark.

I also hope to visit several other places depending on the demand.

Please note, that:

  1. My seminars are designed to be fun and you will learn a lot! I like to interact with all participants, and there will be plenty of time to ask questions and to discuss the detail of the Rules.
  2. Many clubs like to combine a Rules evening (e.g 7 to 9:30) with a Rules day for committee members, the board, the PGA pro, greenkeepers, the secretary etc. (e.g. 9 AM to 4 PM).
  3. Most clubs have 2-3 Rules evenings during the next year, so as many as possible get the opportunity to learn the new modernised Rules of Golf, which become effective from 1st January 2019.

If a Rules evening or Rules day could be relevant for your club feel free to contact me (write below or e-mail to or call us at +45 2925 8636)!

Best regards


/Brian Oswald

  1. Ken Goddard says

    can you indicate costings to hold a meeting in the East Sussex region.
    Thank you,
    Ken G.


    Hi Ken!

    Sure. I wrote this to a golf club in WEST Sussex recently:

    Normally I charge 1-2.000 US $ for a Rules evening (e.g. 7 to 9.30 PM) and 2.-4.000 US $ for a Rules day (e.g. from 9-16) – plus my transportation expenses and hotel. The price usually depends on how many seminars I have in the same area at the same time (I try to stay in one area a few weeks and conduct seminars in 5-10-20 golf clubs).

    My suggestion could be this:

    – 1.200 US $ for a rules evening (for the members).
    – 2.500 US $ for a rules day (for the board, committee members, PGA pro etc).

    If your club wants both a rules evening and a rules day (the same day), we could say 3.000 in all.

    My transportation (from Denmark) would probably be around 6-800 $ but I would suggest that your club paid 100 $ (then hopefully I could arrange some more rules seminars in the area).

    Included in the price is, that all participants can buy my rules books with a 50 % discount – then they all have a chance to get a 2019-updated rules book!

    Often golf clubs charge an entrance fee from the participants in the range of 10-20 $, which people gladly pay (sometimes they pay a bit more, like 25-30 $ and then they also get a sandwich or some food from the club from 6-7). And with normally 80-100 participants (rules evening) they pay most of (or all) the charge from me, so that the club don’t have to pay so much (if anything).

    By the way: If you or your club becomes a member of The Oswald Academy (see this link), you will get a (further) 15 % discount on the prices above.

    I am in United Kingdom probably in the end of November and in the first weeks of December – and again in April 2019.


    Feel free to contact me below or by mail ( if you want to schedule a seminar in your club.

    Best regards

    Brian Nygaard Oswald

  3. Kevin Burns says

    Brian: Just a thought. You might consider an internet “virtual classroom” to reach a wider audience at a reduced cost. Also, a webinar on the rules (maybe the 2019 changes to start?) might generate some interest – perhaps free for Academy members?

    1. Brian Oswald says

      Great idea, Kevin. I have had the same thoughts and now that my new website has been launched I will reveal the plans about seminars the next few weeks/months.

      Best regards
      Brian Oswald

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