Bryson Dechambeau uses a compass: Is it illegal?

Hi all.

Bryson Dechambeau had a lot of attention a few years ago due to his (former) putter and putting style. But now he might have another problem.

Recently a TV camera caught him in using a good old fashion compass in Travelers Championship!

As fas as I can understand, he uses it to check the exact hole location and to check what is around the hole in the same distance (to see what happens depending on where his ball lands).

USGA just recently told that they are investigating whether or not this use is legal.

The problem is Rule 14-3 which among other things states, that you cannot use equipment in an abnormal manner, if it e.g. can help your play.

Thomas Pagel from USGA has according to golf. com stated this:

A good example is a bottle of water; by itself, no problem, but a player could not use the bottle of water as a level.“.

There are quite a few exceptions, though. E.g. the use is OK, if the committee finds that the player did not gain an undue advantage over other players.

Dechambeau expects a decision from USGA this week.

UPDATE July 7th: USGA has now issued a statement deeming it illegal – see the statement here (GolfChannel).


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