Match Play: New Rules book

Hi all.

For your information I am currently writing on a brand new easy-to-read rules book only for match players!

I have always felt that such a book would be great, so that match players shouldn’t have to search in a combined stroke play / match play book and hope to find an answer, but had a dedicated match play book for themselves!

It will be quite a bit like the “Pocket ABC-book” (which currently only exists in a Danish version); i.e. approximately 60 small pages, a lot of nice pictures from the course, easy to find answers… and perfect for your pocket! You can see a few pictures from the Danish book below.

I expect it to be published around Christmas, and it will of course include the 2019-changes.

The price is US $ 15.00. There are quite a few discounts available, whereby it is possible to buy it for as low as US $ 5.1.

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You can read more about it at this link.

You can pre-order it now. Please send your name/club, address and number of books by e-mail to or by phone to +45 2925 8636.


/Brian Oswald, founder

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  1. Gus says

    What languages will be available?
    Thank you.

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