QUIZ 37 (The Rules of Golf): Remove white stake… and replace it before stroke…penalty?

Hi all!

Time for yet another Rules quiz (This is quite difficult!):

-> Your ball lies (in bounds) next to a white stake. You remove the stake. You are then told, that you were not allowed to do so, and therefore you replace the stake. You then make the stroke (bad stroke!). 

Question 1: Do you incur any penalty if it happens in 2018?
Question 2: Will you incur any penalty if it happens in 2019?

Write your answer below 🙂


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  2. Jim Jack says

    It is not permitted to move a white stake (OOB stake)

    1. Walford thyer says

      Not permitted to move out of bounds marker stakes. Penalty incurred

    2. Anonymous says

      Det er ok i 2018 men ikke i 2019.

    3. jim richards says

      If you remove oob stake it’s a two stroke penalty whether you replace the stake or not. I’m sure it will be the same rule in 2019 as well.

    4. Alastair says

      Question 1: 2 stroke penalty
      Question 2:: No penalty

  3. Ian Murray says

    No penalty, the ball is in play.

  4. Michael Dixon says

    Today: Penalty under Rule 13-2 ( see decision 13-2/25)

    2019: No penalty if replaced before stroke ( new rule 8.1c)

  5. Yelverton Tegner says

    2018: 2 strokes penalty.
    2019: No penalty

  6. Bob Burt says

    2 stroke penalty

  7. Gerry says

    2 strokes in 2018….no penalty in 2019 if no improvement to lie etc has been made

  8. Sue says

    OOB stake is immovable full stop, therefor penalty applies

  9. Uris says

    Except when both the loose impediment and the ball lie in or touch the same hazard, any loose impediment may be removed without penalty.

  10. keith says

    yes penalty, should not remove

  11. Bernie says

    No penalty if replaced before stroke 2018/9

  12. JuriBrown says

    Penalty 2 shots, replacing wasn’t necessary prior to hitting his shot.

  13. joe whelan says

    2 shot penalty, boundary.

  14. mjj says

    its a penalty either now or then


  15. Daniel Carney says

    Decision 13 2/25 – penalty 2018
    Local rule for internal oob may overrule only on holes where the oob does not apply.

  16. David says

    A penalty of two strokes is incurred. Once the stake is removed the violation cannot be corrected by replacing the out of bounds stake.

  17. Rupinder Soin says

    Quiz 37 he incurs a 2 stroke penalty even if he replaces the stake before his next stroke

  18. Sally says

    You will incur a 2 stroke penalty in 2018

    No penalty in 2019 if you replace the stake before you make a stroke.

  19. José María Fernández Alonso says

    2018: Penalty under Rule 13-2.

    2019: No penalty.

  20. Roy says

    2 shot penalty even if replaced, then and now

  21. Stephen Wise says

    2018 – 2 shot penalty
    2019 – no penalty if post returned to its original position

  22. ron says

    2 stroke penalty in 2018 under rule 13-2. Moving a fixed object. In 2019, player can avoid the penalty by replacing the “boundary object” prior to making the stroke. Otherwise the player incurs the general penalty

  23. Mike says

    2 stroke penalty rather player put it back or not. Player does not have to put it back.

  24. Mike says

    No penalty in 2018 & 2019.

  25. David Craswell says

    Two stroke penalty in 2018 and same in 2019

  26. Michael Dixon says

    Today : 2 stroke penalty under rule 13-2

    2019: No penalty if stake returned to original position before stroke made, under (new) rule 8-1(c)

  27. Peter Jones says

    No penalty

  28. mikel F says

    Question 1: 2 stroke penalty (R 13-2, Decision 13-2/25)
    Question 2: No penalty (New Rule 8-1c)

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  30. Frustrated Golfer says

    It’s very confusing giving a question, asking people to leave their answer and not actually providing a “Click here to see answer” beside it. You’ll have people playing sometime saying “I definitely read that you were allowed to move white stakes as long as you replace them”, even though you are not allowed to touch white stakes. Please, either put a link to the relevant ruling, or put the question in a quiz format with various options so that when it’s clicked it will tell the person whether they’re right or not!

    1. Oswald Academy says

      Hi Frustrated Golfer.
      Thank you for your comments – I appreciate it!
      I will certainly think about that when I post questions in the future. For your information i make a lot of different things. I make rules books, slideshows, quizzes, questions, video’es etc… and I make them to many different people (“normal” golfers, rules enthusiasts, new golfers etc.). Therefore i try to create a lot of different things.

      My experience is that sometimes, if you give the answer right away, then people donate think about what the answer could be. They just read the answer and forgets it. If they donate get the answer but gets a chance to think about it and discuss it, then they will much easier remember the result. But of course they then needs to get the result and I should have posted it some time ago, but due to Holiday end other things I have not had the time. Hopefully I can do it within the next weeks.

      Again: Thank you for your comments – they are highly appreciated!

      /Brian Oswald

  31. Janet says

    Currently – 2018 – it is a two stroke penalty for removing the white OB stake. I am not aware if this has changed for 2019.

  32. Owen says

    2018 2 Shot Penalty
    2019 No Penalty

  33. michael knight says

    2 strokes now NO pen in 2019

  34. Bonz says

    I agree with the frustrated golfer, what is the “official” answer from this site, not from the general public.

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