Brooks Koepka unlucky in Wells Fargo Championship: Ball bounced on chair… and into the water.


Do you remember Ian Poulters unlucky stroke last year?

Last week Brooks Koepka experienced a similar bad luck in the Wells Fargo Championship where his stroke from the teeing ground was not too good… and then this happened:

As you can see, the ball hopped a few times and then bounces on a chair… into the water!

Had the chair not been there – or had the spectator been sitting in the chair – the ball would most probably not have ended in the water.

But the Rules of Golf don’t help you much in this situation: Play the ball as it lies!

Or in other words: Play the ball as it lies without penalty (which he couldn’t) or take relief with a one stroke penalty from the water hazard (which he did).

Pretty unlucky, you could say.

But – had he driven the ball straight it would not have happened…:-).


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